Benny Introduces the Porsche 935

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Anyone who has paid attention to Porsche’s communication over the last couple of years would have heard a thing or two about it’s latest track project. Very little has been shared about the Porsche 935 here in Australia and perhaps not enough is known about what inspired it’s recreation.

On behalf of Porsche Centre Melbourne, Benny takes us through the journey of how this historic racing icon was reborn into a modern day track spectacular.

Who really is Benny?

Benny Musu is a car nut and enthusiast of all things of the built environment.

For as long as he can remember, Benny has been aware of cars around him – from his childhood days on the Maltese Islands, being taught to recognise various cars zipping around through to his teenage years, and spending time cutting his teeth in various Fiats, Alfas and Volkswagens, a constant desire to try everything at the very least is only matched by his desire to learn and know as much as he can.

Constant reading and research has lead him to his greatest automotive interests; the fledgling early years of Gran Prix racing and record breaking, and the exploits of the people he regards as the pioneers when it comes to motorsport, design and even marketing. Early Supercharged Gran Prix and endurance cars, single seaters and the circuits they raced on – from Brooklands to Monza and Spa Francorchamps, the Great British Hillclimbs from Shelsley Walsh to Prescott and then the epic adventures of drivers, the likes of the infamous Bentley Boys who themselves probably did more for the brand than the brand itself.

Benny spends his days working at Porsche Centre Melbourne, sharing his enthusiasm for the ‘sports car’ with a great number of existing owners and those who wish to become owners of cars of Germany’s greatest sports car maker.

Cars and their culture are quite simply the greatest combination of science, art and sport and serve as a constant marker in time and advancements in technology.


Video courtesy of Porsche Centre Melbourne.

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